Vacancies and Potential PhD Students


There are currently no open posts in the EIS@Essex Lab.

PhD Studies

  • PhD Studies in the EIS Research Group: If you have the excellent grades, then you might be eligible for a PhD in the EIS Group. In order to apply please send Prof McDonald-Maier (in files under 1 Meg in total), (a) your CV, (b) transcripts of your grades, (c) copies of papers you have published, (d) a project proposal linked to my research projects and interests and (e) the name of two referees.
  • A list of potential research topics and details of studentships can be found on a separate page.

Studying in the School

  • If you would like to study for a taught M.Sc. degree, please enquire at ces-gradoffice AT
  • If you are interested in studying for a research degree in the school, please contact Marisa Bostock (ces-research AT  She will show your application to all academics in the department who could supervise your work.
  • Internships: please do not write to me asking for me to pay for internships, I occasionally will take self-funded internships, however, I will blacklist senders asking for me to fund internships.